You are at the heart of everything we do.  Our goal is to maintain your trust and confidence by handling your personal information with respect and putting you in control.


It’s important that you know what personal information TicketWeb (known here as "we" or "TicketWeb" collects about you, and how we use it.


We’ve done our best to make our explanations short and easy to understand.  But, if you’d like further information, or have any questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the details in the ‘Contact’ section below.


If we ever make any major changes to our privacy practices, we’ll let you know. If necessary, we’ll also ask for your permission.



Our Privacy Notice has been designed with you in mind.  How the notice applies to you will depend on the way in which you interact with us.  For example, if you:

1.            purchase a ticket from us, we will use the information you provide us to fulfil both our and the Event Partners obligations to you in delivering that service, and, where permitted, keep you up to date about other events that may be of interest to you; and

2.            when you browse our sites, we use cookies to tailor your experience and hopefully provide you with a seamless experience.  


Your choices and rights under each scenario are explained in more detail below. 



Click on each link for more information, or scroll down to read the full policy.


What information we have and where we collect it from.

We collect and store different types of information about you when you create an account, buy tickets, contact us, and use our websites, apps and social media.


How we use your information.

We collect and use your information for lots of reasons such as helping you get into the shows you love, sharing news, for marketing and as otherwise required by law.


Who we share information with.

We may share your information with the Event Partner(s) - such as the artist, promoter, record label, team or venue) - as well as other third parties associated with the service provided.


Your choices and rights.

Among other rights, you can choose whether to receive marketing from us.  You also have the right to access the information we have about you.


How we look after your information.

We’re always taking steps to make sure your information is protected and to delete it securely when we no longer need it.


Questions and feedback.

If you have any questions or feedback about this notice, or how we handle your information, get in touch with us.


What Information We Have & Where We Get It

When you create an account, buy a ticket or have a ticket transferred to you by a friend, we will collect your information which depending on service we are providing, may include your contact and billing information.


When you use our websites or apps, we collect information such as the browser and device you're using, your IP address, your location, the site you came from, what you did and didn't use our site/app for, or the site you visit when you leave us. For more information on how we collect this information, see our Cookies Policy


When you use a social media feature within our website or apps, and you post to social media platforms, the social media site will provide us with some information about you.


If you have accessibility requirements, we want to make sure you have the best experience when attending events.  To do this, we need to collect details of your requirements (which may involve you providing information about your mental or physical health).


In the few instances where we collect personal information from children, we always seek parental consent and will only ever collect such information for the purposes specified when we collect it. 


We use suppliers who collate geodemographic data which assists us in better personalising our services to you. If you’d prefer that we do not do this, see the ‘Your Rights & Choices’ section below.


How We Use Your Information & Why

This section explains how we use your information and the legal basis on which we use it.


1.            For the performance of our contract with you

We use your information when you enter into a contract with us (for example to buy merchandise or a ticket) so we can:

•             process your order

•             take payment, and

•             provide you with customer support.


2.            For our legitimate business interests

•             To conduct market research and analysis which helps improve and customise our products and services. 


•             For our marketing purposes, unless your consent is required for such marketing (see section 3 below).


•             To send you customer service emails including booking confirmations and event reminders.


•             To prevent or detect unlawful behaviour, to protect or enforce our legal rights or as otherwise permitted by law.  For example, making sure tickets get into the hands of real fans. As such, we may use your information to prevent ticket touting, misuse of our intellectual property (e.g. our or our Event Partner's brands), fraud, or other crimes.


•             To create a profile about you to help us personalise our services to you. For example, if you purchase tickets to pop events and you have consented to our marketing, we will inform you about other pop events we think you might be interested in. 


About your personalisation settings

We can give you more of what you want when we know you better. To make sure our messages and website are relevant to you, we create a user profile with the information we know about you and how you use our services.


How to turn off personalisation

Simply turn off “Allow personalisation” in your account settings. We’ll stop any personalisation and only use your data for essential services, such as screening for fraud or tout activity - and for any Verified Fan presales. If you do not have an account, you can contact us to turn this off. 


What happens if you turn off personalisation?

We will no longer use your data to determine what you might be interested in. This means you won’t get any personal recommendations and any newsletters you’ve subscribed to will be generic (although if you’ve asked to receive alerts about specific artists or venues, you’ll still receive these). 


We will still perform profiling activities where we need to do so to deliver our services to you, for example for fraud screening purposes and where you specifically request we do so such as for a Verified Fan Presale.


Is turning off personalisation the same as turning off cookies?

No, they’re separate. To control your cookies settings, you can use our cookies consent tool. See our Cookies Policy for more information.


•             To ensure the security of our and our Event Partners’ operations.


Where you’ve given your consent

•             To contact you with information or offers regarding our upcoming events, products or services – this may be via email, via push and web notifications, via SMS, or social media platforms.  You can change your marketing preferences at any time, see “Your choices and rights” section below.


•             To provide you with location based services – like through our festival apps which allow you to see yourself on the map so we can use your location to send you push notifications about what’s going on around you.


•             To deliver tailored advertising and marketing communications on our websites and apps (see our Cookies Policy for more information].


•             To process your health data to meet your accessibility requirements, where specifically required and explicit consent is provided. 


Who We Share Your Data With & Why

•             Within the Live Nation Entertainment family of companies who provide services for us such as marketing, profiling, reporting and technical support.


•             Our third-party service providers (sometimes known as data processors) such as cloud computing providers who provide the IT infrastructure on which our products and systems are built.


•             We may share your information with our Event Partners so that they can run the event and for other reasons described in their privacy policies. We will always name the Event Partners when you purchase a ticket and you will be given the option to subscribe to receiving marketing from them.


•             If you buy or sell tickets via our resale platform, we may disclose your information to the buyer or seller (as applicable) for order fulfilment

purposes – meaning that you get the ticket you’ve bought, or paid for the ticket you’ve sold.


•             Third parties who provide goods and services purchased by you (e.g. ticket insurance or merchandise) so that they can process and fulfil your orders.


•             Government agencies or other authorised bodies where permitted or required by law.


•             Any successor to all or part of our business.


Your Choices & Rights


Your choices

Where you have given us your consent, you can withdraw it by doing the following.

•             To stop receiving our marketing you can change your preferences within your account, follow the unsubscribe instructions in any of the emails we send you or contact us and we will do it for you.

•             To opt out of the use of cookies and tracking tools, please see our Cookies Policy.

•             To opt out of location tracking and push notifications, you can change the settings on your device or keep your location off. To stop web push notifications, you will need to use your browser settings.

•             To object to personalisation you can change your preferences within your account. If this option is not available you can contact us and we will do it for you.


Your rights

You also have rights over how your personal information is used including:


•             The right to object to our processing of your data.


•             The right to request that your information be erased or restricted from further use.


•             The right to request a copy of the information we hold about you.


•             The right to correct, amend or update information you have given us (where you have an account with us you can also do this by logging in and updating your information).


•             The right to contest any automated decision we make about you. An automated decision is a decision taken without any human intervention which has legal consequences (e.g. credit checking). We don’t typically carry out automated decision making but, if we do, we will make it clear where such decisions are being made. To exercise any of the above rights please complete this form.


Please note that whilst we will carefully assess every request we receive, your rights may differ according to your place of residence and we may not always have to comply. When this happens, we will explain why.


Looking After Your Information

We have security measures in place to protect your information. The security measures we use will depend on the type of information collected.


We only keep your information for as long as required to provide you with the services you request, for the purposes outlined in this policy and for any legal purposes for which we are obliged to keep the information. We will securely delete your information when it is no longer required for these purposes, in line with our company policies.


As a part of a global group of companies, we rely on shared services, some of which are located outside of Europe.  At the same time, when world-class acts are touring, in order to provide you a seamless experience, your information may be transferred internationally. 


When transferring information in this way, there are strict rules in place to ensure your data is still protected to a high standard. Where we do this, we will ensure that appropriate safeguards are put in place.  Where your information is transferred outside of the European Economic Area, we will use one of the mechanisms listed below.


•             Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission

•             EU-US Privacy Shield

•             Binding Corporate Rules

•             Binding Corporate Processor Rules


For more information, or to get a copy of the relevant documentation please contact us.



If you have any questions about the above, or our approach to privacy, our dedicated Privacy Office, including our Data Protection Officer, is here to help:

There’s also the Data Protection Commissioner although we encourage you to try and let us help you first.           

Last Updated: 24th May 2018





Full terms of use can be found here.



Are my details secure?

The answer is, yes! TicketWeb uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to encrypt the information entered on your secure order form prior to transmission over the Internet.

SSL is the industry standard for secure server commerce transactions. You can place your order online without fear of interception provided you are using an SSL compliant browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator or Opera.

More about public key certificates, Certification Authority's (CA's) and Third-Party Trust.

The credentials used to authenticate Web servers and their clients via protocols such as SSL and S-HTTP are called X.509 public key certificates. A public key certificate is analogous to a passport, in that it proves your identity and is authorised by a trusted third party known in the security world as a Certification Authority or CA (see below). In the passport analogy, the CA is similar to the Passport Office, which verifies your identification, creates a recognised and trusted document which certifies who you are, and issues the document to you.

A Certification Authority (CA) is a trusted authority responsible for issuing certificates used to identify a community of individuals, systems or other entities which make use of a computer network.

TicketWeb uses a certificate issued by the Thawte CA. By digitally signing the certificates it issues, the CA binds the identity of the certificate owner to the public key within the certificate, and thereby vouches for the trustworthiness of the certificate.

Network users possess the CA's own public key certificate (sometimes referred to as the "root key"), and use it to verify others' certificates. In doing so, they have assurance that the public keys in those certificates are the authentic keys of the named subjects, and know that the CA (whom they recognise and trust) vouches for this binding.

The CA plays a crucial role in Web security, since the CA makes a third-party trust relationship possible. In a large, distributed and complex network such as the Web, the third-party trust model is necessary since there are many permutations of dynamic, client-server relationships. Servers and clients may not have an established mutual trust; yet both parties want to have secure sessions, which demands a foundation of trust. The CA is the missing link which makes trusted Web sessions a reality. Because each party in the session trusts the CA, and because the CA has vouched for each party's identification and trustworthiness by signing their certificates, each party recognises and has implicit trust in the other, so the secure session can proceed without the risk of masquerading.

Further, since the two authenticated parties exchange public key certificates, they can encrypt and digitally sign session data, removing the possibility that others may eavesdrop on the session or tamper with data.





Cookies and other technologies When you interact with us (for example use our sites, apps or subscribe to marketing emails) we and third party organisations may collect information by using 'cookies' and other technologies such as pixel tags (for simplicity we refer to all such technologies as 'cookies'). For a list of the companies which use cookies and how they use them please access our Cookie Consent Tool. This is always available at the bottom corner of our sites. By continuing to use this site, when you create an account or when you buy/sell tickets, you agree to us and third party organisations using cookies in line with your cookie settings. You can use the Cookie Consent Tool to change your preferences at any time. For information about how your personal information is used please see our Privacy Policy


What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or other device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again, so it can recognise you and can then tailor what you see on the screen.

Pixel tags (sometimes called web beacons): A pixel tag is an invisible image with a line of code which is placed within an email message or on a web page.


What do we use cookies for?

Our Cookie Consent Tool tells you which companies use which type of cookies. We have summarised the cookie types into the following three categories:

1. To provide you with the service you have asked for (Essential cookies)

For example keeping you logged in during your visit. Without cookies the site might forget you and you'd have to constantly log back in. When you buy tickets, cookies make sure they're still in your shopping basket when you get to the checkout.

2. To provide you with adverts that are more relevant to your interests (Advertising cookies)

We and third party organisations may use cookies to restrict the number of times you see the same advert or to show other adverts that may be more relevant to you - often called online behavioural advertising (OBA). OBA is a way of using information about your web-browsing activity, collected by using cookies implemented when browsing on the internet or opening our emails, and other information we or third party organisations have collected elsewhere to group you with other users into interest groups and show you advertisements based on those interests.

3. To analyse and improve your browsing and e-mail experience (Analytics & Customisation cookies)

For example, for analysis purposes, we like to know what pages and links are popular, including the information in our emails, and which ones don't get used so much to help us keep our sites and emails relevant and up to date. We also use them to customise your visits to the site, for example to remember choices you make such as your language or region.


How to manage cookies

In addition to our Cookie Consent Tool, most browsers will enable you to manage your cookies preferences e.g. have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or use it to disable cookies altogether. If you do decide to disable or delete them altogether some sites won't work as well as they rely on cookies to provide you with the service you have requested.

If you do not wish to allow us and third party organisations to use cookies within our emails, such as pixel tags, the best way to do this is not to enable images when you view our emails. In other words, only view the plain-text of the email. Some web browsers and email clients have settings or extensions available to disable / block such cookies such as Gmail.



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