If you need a little advice on booking online you'll find a quick step-by-step guide in the 'Online' section below.

1. To find an event you can use the search function or select a region on the home page to browse a list of all venues that have events coming soon in that area.

2. Once found click the buy icon and on the following page:

Select the number of tickets.
Select the delivery method.
Read and confirm you agree with any Terms, if any.
Click an action. Can be: Add to Cart' or 'Check Out'. **

From here you can, Add to Cart - and continue shopping for other events or Check Out.

3. From Check Out you can view the total order amount, including booking fee and preview the order before it's submitted. We'll email you with all the details confirming a successful booking.



You can use any of following cards to pay online:

Visa Credit Visa Debit American Express Mastercard

We regret that we are unable to accept Switch, Maestro and Solo cards as payment.



What does "No Tickets Available Though TicketWeb" mean?

If there are "No Tickets Available Though TicketWeb" it generally means we've sold out of our current allocation. This doesn't nessessarily mean the event itself is sold out, unless there is specific information that states otherwise. There may be tickets still available through other via other channels, e.g. the venue, other agents or we may get an additional allocation at a later date. Unfortunately, we're unable to predict whether this is likely or not so we can only suggest checking back here at a later stage.



It's unusual for TicketWeb to sell accessible seating for most events.

If ever we can provide a booking facility for accessible seating the event itself and ticket description will clearly state this. If we have any information on the arrangements for a particular event we'll post an answer on our help desk so you can take a quick look there.

If there is an event you are interested in attending but we dont have any accessible info displayed please sumbit a query and the help desk team can get the answers you need. 
In short, we want to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to buy tickets – the limit's there to keep the first person in the queue from buying up all the best seats and leaving nothing for the everyone behind them!
The ticket limit will usually be decided by the event organisers and we'll make sure we advertise this at the very beginning of the booking process on our website. It usually applies per person, per credit card – sometimes, if it's expected to be really popular it may also be per household. Please be sure to look out for this – you can't book more than the limit in any one transaction, but unfortunately we can't stop you from going in and making a second booking.
It's not that easy to get around the system, though – if we do find that someone's booked more tickets than they're allowed, we may well cancel some or all of their tickets, without notice.
We want to make sure that as many fans as possible get the chance to book. When you select your seats, you're actually holding those tickets while you go through the checkout process, so no one else can access them. 
We have to limit the amount of time you can hold the tickets, otherwise we'd be left in a position where someone can grab the tickets, go and make a cup of tea, pop off down to the shop etc, then decide that, actually, they don't want them. This wouldn't be very fair to all the other fans who desperately want tickets and are ready to pay there and then but can't get their hands on any.
The amount of time you have can vary depending on how busy the website is, but we'll always make sure there's enough time to fill in your details and check the information carefully before paying for your tickets.
When a really popular event goes on sale there can sometimes be thousands of people all trying to buy tickets at the same time. With fans booking online, we can process hundreds of bookings at once – so sometimes they can go really quickly.

If you're unlucky with getting tickets when they first go on sale, we'd always advise to check back to our website nearer the day of the show – there's always the chance that more tickets could be released once the stage layout has been confirmed. Unfortunately, we are unable to contact customers if more tickets come available on sale.

We’ll always try to send as many tickets as possible by standard post, as we know you’d prefer to keep costs as low as possible. We’ll only ever send your tickets by secure post if we’re not able to replace them if they were to go missing somewhere on their way to you.


We know it’s not likely that tickets will go missing in the post, but it can sometimes happen and we don’t want you to be stuck without a way of getting into your event. Where tickets can’t be replaced, we’ll always use secure post so that the delivery can be tracked.

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Search Tips

You can search using a single word or phrase, just like you would with a search engine. So for example, if you’re event’s been cancelled, just type in the name of your event and we’ll bring up all the information we have.

Or you can actually ask us a question and our system will give you a list of answers. For the best results, make your questions clear – for example, “when will you send my tickets?” or “what type of cards do you accept?”

If the results don’t quite answer your question, click the Contact Us tab which will appear once you’ve clicked on an answer. From there, you’ll be able to send a message to our Customer Service team.